The Summer of Fluff feat. Brad Tanner

The Summer of Fluff feat. Brad Tanner

Fluffing with Roe and Brad

Brad: Erm… Roe, you know what fluffing means, right?

(sends link to Urban Dictionary)

Ooops. Okay. Take two:

The Summer of Fluff


Brad and Roe have each written their own fluffy book. This is not a coincidence. It’s an important event, surely signalling great societal changes with immense impact. The authors should be interviewed about it. It should be discussed widely and end with both books becoming no 1 bestsellers and later on result in world peace.


Here are the interviews.

Q: What does “fluff” mean to you?

Brad: To me fluff means blowing dandelion seeds into the air, petting a bunny while giving him a carrot to devour, Marshmallow fluff—sweet and thick and as full of protein as your lover’s honey dew…

Q: What made you do something so radical?

Brad: My hatred for contrived plots. I wanted to write something angst-free and plotless—just two boys meeting and trying to build something beautiful. That’s how Hot Nurse was born.

Q: Are you afraid of the possible consequences?

Brad: The only thing I’m afraid of is this fluff becoming my signature. Brad is not fluffy, though he’s sometimes mistaken for Bugs Bunny. Long legs and big ears—we are practically twins, but I’m smooth.

Q: Did you feel tickled when you… erm… fluffed the book?

Brad: The only tickling I felt was in my throat. It was so fluffy, I coughed up a fur ball. I told him to shave it next time.

Q: Okay (subtly includes promo), tell us about the book?

Brad: ‘Hot Nurse’ is a high-calorie and below the belt Oxford-bred sweet-n-sticky tale of an Italian hospital nurse (Salvo) and an English  DJ (Lee). An urban romance in the digital ‘millennial’ era where the biggest threat to one’s happiness is boredom.

Those boys live pretty much cloudless lives and a little dull, so to make it exciting and romantic happily-ever-after they’re gonna have to werk their arses and other hot bits off. Yeah, this fluff is deep! Skin deep LOL


Now Brad asks Roe some questions. Or as we call it: “shameless mutual fluffing”.


Q: What are your big no-no/taboo tropes or character actions when you write a fluffy book?

Roe: Dieting, sports, small children, and other forms of torture. And the usual, you know: existential dread, staring into the void, Sunday afternoon porn bingeing. Despite the fact that those things are a natural part of my everyday life, I think they are simply unacceptable in any quality fluffy read.

Q: Do you incorporate chocolate consumption into your chocolate fluff writing routine? Any tips on how to get a six-pack by eating chocolate?

Roe: I did and I do. It’s research. I take research seriously. Six-pack? Put a Belgian praline on a shelf in front of the sit-up bench and tie your hands behind your neck. Or, bet someone that if you can eat one kilo of chocolate in one day, you get a six-pack of Czech lager. That’s the best kind of six-pack.

Q: Fluff is a ginormous genre, what do you think is the most underrated sub-fluff of fluff?

Roe: I don’t know about underrated fluff but I’d love to see more reasonably happy transgender main characters.

Q: It’s time to get very serious about fluff, not that we weren’t serious before, but now we are academically serious. What is the idea and the premise behind your new fluffy thing, Vanilla Clouds? Did you want to make any points beside chocolaterianism being the coolest diet ever?

Roe: Pleasures of the flesh, Brad. Pleasures of the flesh. Because life is short and mean, and I want to suck every possible drop of ecstasy out of it. The premise is: pleasure can and should be guiltless.

Q: You find yourself in an elevator with a celebrated filmmaker like François Ozon or Petr Zelenka and you have thirty seconds to pitch your chocolate fluff, what would you say?

Roe: I only need 5 seconds: The book has chocolate-flavored sex. Sold.

If I have to fill 30, I’d say Vanilla Clouds is a happy, witty book about love between men, and love of chocolate. And I am adorable, and everyone who’s ever worked with me has loved me. I bet Zelenka would jump at the opportunity to make a movie with me.


Vanilla Clouds by Roe Horvat, release day July 25th 2018

Hot Nurse by Brad Tanner, release day August 23rd 2018



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