Deleted Scene # 3 Jano’s POV

Deleted Scene # 3 Jano’s POV



Part 1: Poor Jano

This late at night or this early in the morning, if a man was still awake, his emotions were more likely to be stirred. Why? Things happened at night that could not happen during a somber day. Things seemed different in the dark; more dramatic, more dangerous, more romantic. The impossible seemed possible and the possible was probable. Things to be experienced, to be felt deeply. Things that hurt and memories that lasted. In a dimly-lit hipster bar in Prague, a young man was falling in love.

His name was Jano, and he was new in the group of casual acquaintances. He thought of himself as a simple man; he came from a small town in the farthest eastern corner of Slovakia, and he’s been living and working in the big fancy city for barely half a year. That’s why he tried so hard. He did not want to appear the hillbilly he admittedly was. There was a renowned hematologist nursing a James-Bond cocktail, a psychiatrist staining her ultra-thin white cigarette with lipstick (making Jano think about murdering jealous mistresses in old mystery books), a performance artist (whatever that meant) and an honest-to-god published writer. The youngest guy was an Australian, and that was grand enough by itself. Jano could see through the pretentious noblesse and false cheerfulness of these people. But he wanted them to accept him anyway. To like him even. Mostly because of Simon.

They all circled around Simon like a cloud of moths.

Jano was under the spell as well from the very first moment. It seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. Simon was a true hypnotist. Intelligent, educated, lonesome and strong, an eloquent liberal. Sarcastic but not poisonous. He was friendly but contained, self-possessed to a fault. And he looked like a lighthouse. Tall, graceful, he towered over the grinding tumbling crowd, his smile reserved but kind and understanding, his green eyes clever, penetrating. Jano had never met a man quite like that. Because there was nobody quite like Simon. He felt the sharp green eyes watching him and he shuddered with anticipation. Tonight he would be leaving the bar with Simon.


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