Deleted scene #1

Deleted scene #1

A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat

Part 1: Marta moving out of Simon’s apartment


Marta folded the last towel once more to stuff it in the already bursting bag. The last bag. She was deeply convinced she was doing a good thing. Still, she had to force the calm expression.

She dragged the heavy luggage into the living room leaving the bedroom empty except for a stripped bed and dust on the top shelf of the closet where she couldn’t reach. She stopped close to the door when she noticed Simon. He sat on the sofa deep in thought staring into a shoe box he held in his lap like a sleeping infant. His face was inscrutable. But Marta knew him too well. She left the bag by the door and slowly approached. She put her hand on Simon’s shoulder and sat down next to him.

Inside of the shoe box were old CDs. Some of them legally bought, some of them home burned, the titles scribbled with a black pen in a familiar handwriting. Morphine, Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, Divine Comedy and Muddy Waters were on the top. Many more hiding under them.

Marta laid her head against Simon’s shoulder.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to keep some of them?”

“No, who listens to CDs anymore when there’s Spotify?”

Marta smiled, patted Simon’s shoulder and took Morphine’s Cure For Pain from the box. She laid the CD on the dark glass coffee table. She took the box from Simon, put a lid on it and stood.

Simon sat unmoving staring at the single CD on his coffee table.

“Don’t argue with me,” Marta said gently and turned carrying the shoe box towards the door. She laid it on the floor there.

Simon seemed to snap out of his stupor. He smacked his palms on his thighs and stood straightening to his full height, filling the space, dwarfing Marta. His form standing in the middle of the all too familiar room caused something in her head click in place. It sunk right then what she was doing. Leaving a safe house, cutting the cord.

“You sure you have everything?” he asked his voice only a little hoarse.

“Yes. And it’s not like I’m moving to the other side of the Republic. If I forget something, I can always pick it up later.”

“Good. Ready?”

She smiled. “Yes.” She was doing a good thing; she was convinced. Simon needed space; he needed to put his life back together. And she needed to know that she could take care of herself.

Simon took the luggage and dragged it out to the hall taking his car keys on the way. Marta scooped the shoe box with Matej’s old CDs and stroked the lid gently. The door clicked behind them leaving the apartment dark and silent.

Roughly one hour later Simon came back alone. He put his keys in the bowl, toed his shoes off and sunk into the sofa. He didn’t bother to put the lights on. He didn’t bother to put the CD into the player. He could hear the music in his head just as clearly.

“I’m free now to direct a movie

Sing a song or write a book about yours truly

How I’m so interesting I’m so great

I’m really just a fuck-up and it’s such a waste

To burn down these walls around me…”

He closed his eyes and fell asleep on the sofa just like that.


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    More tears for me Roe